Installing Solar Shed Lights

Sheds are small buildings that are used to house our lawnmowers, garden supplies, and tools. For some of us it is a place to store any extra items that we don’t wish to keep inside of the house or that we secretly hope will be forgotten and eventually discarded. They are very useful – but the one flaw that they have is that they do not have a light to help us see.

Even during the full daylight hours trying to see everything that is inside can be difficult because the shed is made up of dark and thick materials. Trying to install just any light for the shed can be confusing and a waste of money. Instead invest in a solar shed light. These are easy to install and will save you money every month.

After purchasing the solar light decide where you would like to place it. It is best to find an area that is easy for you to reach and that will also shine over a large area of the shed. Try mounting it to a flat surface so that it is more secure and the light is not skewered.

The solar panel is what will gather the sunlight and power the battery pack. This will be placed on the outside of the shed where it will receive the most amount of sun throughout the entire day. The panel should be facing south and should not be under any type of shade. To help you try looking out at the shed throughout the day and use the information to know what the best place is.

The light will come with a wire that will connect the panel to the light. Make sure that the wire you chose is long enough to allow you to run it up and out of the shed. When you have chosen a good location you will be able to connect the wire. It is best to secure it in place so that the wind or any storms will not blow it out of place.

Use an electric drill to secure the light to the surface of the shed and the panel to the designated area. Once they are both secure you will be able to run the wire and connect th two together. Use at least two solar lights if you have a large shed.