Solar Shed Lighting Systems

Almost everyone has a shed that comes with their home or that they purchase from their local home department store. This small building is kept in the backyard and used to store lawn equipment and tools that you use around the home. Some might even use it to store any home furnishings, boxes, and Christmas decorations that they don’t want lying around their home.

The only downside to these buildings is that they are not equipped with any type of light to help you see inside. Without a solar shed light you would have to rely on the light from the sun in order to find what you need. It is important to purchase the necessary solar shed lighting system.

These systems will help to light up the shed as well as save you money in your electric bill each month. There are many different types of systems that you can choose from. The most popular are powered by LED lights. These are considered to be the most powerful types of lights and are able to spread over a wider area.

The average shed lighting system will cost you anywhere between $20 to $120. The more affordable systems come with a single light and a solar panel. The panel is situated on the side or top of the shed and is connected to the light inside. Throughout the day it will charge the battery.

The more expensive systems come with the same parts except the lights are usually brighter and expand over a wider area. This keeps you from having to purchase more than one system for the large sheds. There are some systems that are so powerful that the lights will be powered for a full 24 hours rather than the average 12 hours.

Make sure that the lighting system you choose is large enough to use on your shed and can be mounted to it easily. It is easier to find one that can be mounted to a metal, plastic, or wooden building.