Types Of Solar Shed Lights

When you are looking at trying to get yourself a light for your shed you need to know what type to get. These come in a variety of solar panels, lights, sizes, and brands. It is important to consider each of these things in order to get the best light for your money and for the purpose it is for.

Solar Panels

There is only one type of solar panel that you are able to choose from and that is the photovoltaic panel. This is the only kind that is used to power the light by collecting the energy from the sun. As it collects this energy it will transfer it to the battery pack. When purchasing the light you will want to invest in a solar light that is powerful enough to last between 12 to 24 hours. The stronger it is the more money you will need to invest in it.


The batteries that are used to help power the device are just as important and must be considered. It is important and more beneficial for you to find a battery that will transfer the necessary power over a long period of time but with only a short amount of time needed to keep it charged. These are commonly known as leisure batteries and work best in smaller devices like the solar shed light.

Light Source

It used to be that fluorescent tubes were used to help light up work shops and sheds. These were a decent power alternative to the standard incandescent bulb and lasted longer without using as much energy. One of the best types of lights to use are LEDs. These types of lights use less energy than the CFLs.

It is true that these are more expensive – but they have the ability to last much longer. The majority of solar shed lights will use LED lights. These various kits are very affordable and can be installed in a matter of minutes.